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Backstory & Summer 2020

Sometimes the best things happen by accident. Northern Car Society started as nothing more than an extra Instagram account to keep up with Canada's car scene. After some time we took our first step and began re-posting the content we enjoyed the most. This developed a small amount of traction which in turn encouraged us to take another step and begin creating our own content. This was a massive learning curve that we enjoyed every step of the way and continue to learn and enjoy today. Ever looking for the next step, we set our sights on making 2020 our year. This year we planned to leap before we stepped, adding new members to our team, our own line of merchandise and filling our weekday evenings with meets, our weekends with shows and all the while producing quality content that showcases our Canadian car community. However, as with almost everyone else COVID-19 took what we had planned for the summer of 2020 and turned it upside down. Despite this we have endeavored to not only bring you new content but also provide it in a way that is accessible in our current world. It is because of the support from the car community as a whole that we have been able to grow into the brand we are today and we can't thank you enough for joining us on our journey. Stay tuned as we still have lots to come for 2020!


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